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for Scratchers and
Cat Fancy
Cat lovers, you'll find helpful articles galore in Cat Fancy. This magazine is devoted to helping you care for your cat features features stories about health, training and grooming. Cat Fancy, for people interested in all phases of cat ownership, contains historical, medical, how-to, humor and first-person stories.
Basic and simple, yet the Whimsy Knot packs a punch!  
Infused with natural catnip and finished in our 'Catnip
Chamber'.  Packaged in an assortment of five irresistible
rattling pieces.  Use the catnip pouch
(included) to refresh
and recharge!  Arranged in cellophane bag with ribbon.  
Shipping only
Our three grooming 'essentials';  the slicker brush, flea
comb (for small knots and mats), and nail trimmers.  Also
Cat First Aid, a must in every cat lover's library.
Add in Catnip, Whimsy Knots, a Laser Light, and Greenies
Dental Treats for the ultimate in gift giving!
A little something for the Cat Lover; MEOW WOW Trivia
and Facts by Dr. Marty Becker
and a lot of little
somethings for the kitty
or kitties of the household!  Our
Signature 'Knots', our favorite Squeak 'n Play Mouse,
Hide 'n Treat Balls, Laser Light, Assorted Mice, Greenies
Dental Treats, and more!
Whimsy Entertainer
Whimsy Knots
Named after one of our favorite little guys, who proves
that lots of fun can come in tiny packages.
Our 'Junior' includes our Whimsy Knots, Greenies
Dental Treats, and Squeak 'n Play Mouse.
Whimsy Junior
Combine the best of the Essentials and the
Entertainer, and you'll have plenty to keep both the
cat and cat lover busy for hours-well, days...
The Cat's Meow!
Our namesake collection!  We combine our very
favorite Squeak 'n Play Mouse, Natural (and very
potent) Catnip, The  Butterfly Ball, Assorted Catnip
Mice, Laser Light, and Whimsy Knots to bring you one
of our best values!
The Whimsy
Whimsy Essentials

Still undecided?  
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Introducing our Signature Cat Lover's Collection
If you are interested in ordering one of our collections, please contact us directly.  Or, if you'd like to order a subscription to
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The monthly report for caring cat owners from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. CATNIP contains information on diet and nutrition, health guidance plus product safety and value. CATNIP does not accept commercial advertising.
The newsletter for cat people, CatWatch is packed with practical advice in feline health, well-being and behavior. Because CatWatch accepts no advertising, you'll get unbiased evaluations of the products and services which affect your cat's health and longevity.