specialized home-care for cats

We have a cat that needs fluids under the skin.  Can you help us?

Yes. We can administer subcutaneous fluids for your cat.  Also, if you are
interested in eventually doing this yourself, we’ll work with you until you
feel comfortable doing it alone.

Do you keep our cat at your home? Or in a facility?

No.  Whimsy Cats cares for your cat in your home, with the belief that it is less
stressful-especially for a cat with medical concerns-for your cat to stay in a
familiar environment.

What happens if there is a medical emergency while we are away?

We will pursue medical care through your Veterinarian or approved
emergency facility as per your instructions on the Veterinary Treatment
Authorization form.  Part of our initial consultation involves discussion
concerning what actions you pre-approve in case of an emergency, and how
and when you want to be contacted should such a situation arise.

Our cat doesn’t have any medical problems.  Can you still provide

We are very pleased to be of service to all cats

My cat can sometimes be very aggressive with strangers or when
nervous.  Are you still able to do home visits for us?

We will work with you to help determine the best for your cat.  If medications
or fluids need to be administered we may be limited if there is significant risk
of injury to your cat or us.  If the services needed are fairly routine and non-
medical in nature, then we’ll want at a minimum to have a visual
confirmation of your cat’s status during each visit.  This is where it will be
helpful to know in advance where your kitty’s favorite hiding places are

What is a ‘Mid-day Visit’?

A ‘Mid-day Visit’ is a service we provide for our clients who don’t want their
cats to be left alone for long periods of time during the day.  Although
independent in nature, cats can become lonely or bored without human
companionship.  You may have an aging cat or a cat with a medical condition
that you’re concerned about leaving and just need occasional ‘well-being’
visits.  Typically our clients chose one to three visits per week.

We think there is something wrong with our cat.  Can you tell us what to

Whimsy Cats does not diagnose, nor do we prescribe treatment or medications.  
We will always refer you to your family Veterinarian for medical advice.  
Also, we will administer only those medications dispensed legally by and per
the instructions of your Veterinarian.  Only a qualified and licensed
Veterinarian can examine, diagnose, and prescribe treatment for medical
conditions in your cat.

Our cat is having surgery next week and we are worried about leaving
her home alone while we are at work.  Can you stay with her for part of
the day after she is released from the hospital?

While our typical visit is around 30 minutes, you can schedule blocks of time
with us during the day for situations such as this.  For example, if you have an
asthmatic, diabetic, or epileptic cat that has had a difficult week, or even a
young kitten that should not be left alone for long periods of time, we can
help.  We can also give you phone updates during these time blocks.

My cat goes outside for periods of time.  Can you work this into your

Our preference is that your cat stays indoors for any period of time that we are
responsible for its care.  Confining your cat’s activities to the security of your
home is important in order for us to minimize the risk of accidents and kitty
mischief, and to be assured of your cat’s wellbeing.

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